Charlotte and Beyond

Whether it’s right in the city or in a small town by the railroad - we strive to better the community, one small business at a time. Our goal is to support the local coffee businesses by promoting their beans in our shop!

Welcome friend, my name is Regan

I'm a 21-year-old Charlotte native who has had a passion for coffee for over five years now. I became a barista in order to make a little extra cash on the side, and then fell in love with it! Now, it is my livelihood! I hope to continue this journey for many years to come.

Welcome to the website y'all, I'm Tyler

I'm the brains and looks of Rockhounds Coffee. I am originally from northern New York but moved to Charlotte in 2016. I have always had the dream to open my own business and I love to cook & be creative. I'm currently one of the Hockey Directors for Extreme Ice Center so will always be at the rink willing to talk. Don't be too shy to come and say hello!

Greetings Earthlings, my name is Kyle

I'm the newest addition to Rockhounds. I was born in Rochester, NY, and moved to Charlotte when I was 12 years old. I have been cooking for about 20 years, and honestly, I live for it! Creating food masterpieces is my favorite thing to do, and breakfast is my specialty! I can't wait to serve you some delicious food! Stop by and throw a comedy movie quote at me and I will likely toss one back from the same movie!